Leasehold enfranchisement

With a growing number of cases, and recent reforms, residential leasehold enfranchisement is ever-contentious. Leaseholders are increasingly aware of their rights and are exercising them, and they need expert advice on the law and on valuation. Much of the guidance available deals only with legal issues, often neglecting the all-important perspective of the valuer surveyor. This section highlights the key responsibilities for each party, and timetables with which to comply. It gives expert advice on tackling common valuation and legal issues, and has clear sample valuation calculations to illustrate relevant issues.

Introduction to enfranchisement, House leases, Procedures and valuation and Flat leases: enfranchisement and new lease claims are maintained by James Driscoll of Trowers & Hamlins.

Flats: individual right of tenant to acquire new lease, Flats: collective enfranchisement, Houses: right of tenant to acquire freehold and Houses: right of tenant to acquire extended lease are maintained by Ellodie Gibbons of Tanfield Chambers.

Flats: new lease claims: valuation issues, Flats: collective enfranchisement valuation issues and Houses: extended leases and enfranchisement valuation issues are maintained by James Wilson of JLL and Vanessa Griffiths of Knight Frank.

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