Disability discrimination in property

The legal civil claim of discrimination comes from the Equality Act 2010 (‘the Act’). The Act replaces a variety of previous legislation relating to discrimination, including the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA).

Although in some ways the Act has ironed out some complications that arose from the previous legislation, there are many complex aspects to it. It is absolutely essential to consult with the very specific wording of the Act whenever considering its provisions (particularly in relation to, for instance, the duty to make reasonable adjustments). This section attempts to simplify many of the detailed provisions as much as possible and practicable but nothing can replace reference to the Act itself.

This section relates to the law of England and Wales. While the Act does apply in Scotland, there are slight amendments (often relating to phraseology). This section focuses on disability discrimination in the context of property issues and the supporting legislation. This section does not cover other matters relating to disability discrimination, for example, employment issues.

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