JCT Standard Building Subcontract

Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) contracts accounted for 88% of the contracts used in construction projects in 2010 (RICS survey), and the position presently is that a similar, very high percentage continues to apply for JCT contracts and subcontracts. They are recognised as being the standard suite of contracts for construction works in the UK and they offer the security of tried and tested wording developed over years of use.

JCT published 2 new versions of the Standard Building Subcontract in 2016. One is for use where the subcontractor is only to carry out, supply and install the works. The other is for use where the subcontractor is also required to design all or part of the works.

In addition to the obligations of the subcontractor in completing the works, both parties have obligations relating to time and money and variations, and when necessary, termination and dispute resolution.

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