What's new?

All sections are reviewed biannually by expert authors. The major section updates are below.


Adjudication was updated throughout with recent case law references.


The section on Arbitration was updated throughout to reflect proposed changes by the Arbitration Bill. See in particular the pages Choice of dispute resolution process and Governing law.

Capital allowances

The page on Recent changes was updated to reflect the Finance Act 2024.

Commencement of works

The page on Employer's delay in giving possession was updated to reflect the role of the Building Safety Regulator.

Computer-aided design

Computer-aided design received a significant update with rewritten content on the following pages: Choosing CAD programs and Building information modelling.

Condition surveys

Condition surveys was updated throughout, in particular see Definition and scope and Prioritisation and frequency.

Cost management

A summary on provisional sums was updated in the Cost management section.

Disputes arising from procurement

Disputes arising from procurement was updated with references to the new Procurement Act.

Expert witness

The section on Expert witness was reviewed throughout.


The FIDIC section was reviewed throughout. See in particular the page New contracts and guidance and anticipated updates.

Health and safety

The Health and safety section was updated significantly throughout. See in particular the page The Building Safety Act 2022.

Inclusive design

The page on News was updated in Inclusive design.

Insolvency in construction

Insolvency in construction received a minor update.


Litigation was amended throughout with recent case law references and general updates, see in particular the page Issuing a claim.

JCT Design and Build Contract

JCT Design and Build Contract was reviewed by a new author and will be updated again in due course to reflect the 2024 version of the contract.

Party walls construction

New author Megan Davies reviewed the Party walls construction section and updated it throughout.

Planning and programming

The page Why is a plan needed? was updated in the Planning and programming section.

Post-tender estimates

The FAQ How is COVID-19 (or similar) catered for? was updated.

Pre-tender estimates

The page on Calculating a pre-tender estimate was updated.

Procurement strategies

New pages on Public sector procurement and Procurement procedures were added to the Procurement strategies section.

Regulated procurement

Regulated procurement was updated throughout to reflect the upcoming Procurement Act 2023. See in particular the page Procurement law reform in the UK: Procurement Act 2023.

Scottish construction contracts

The page on Latest news was updated to reflect the JCT's announcement that the next update to its suite of contracts would take place in 2024.

Tendering and procurement case law

Tendering and procurement case law was updated throughout with recent case law summaries. See in particular the pages Negotiations for a contract, Impact of statute and common law on key contractual provisions and Good faith in negotiations and contracts.

Value management

Value management was reviewed and updated on the pages Principles of value management and Early and late value management.

RICS initiatives


See iConsult to review the latest RICS consultation drafts.

This page was last updated May 2024.