What's new?

All sections are reviewed biannually by expert authors. The major section updates are below.

Bills of quantities

A new summary on IPMS: All Buildings was added to Bills of quanitities. See Standard codes and methods of measurement for more.

Building information modelling (BIM)

The pages on BIM legal issues were updated.

Capital allowances

Capital allowances was updated throughout, see in particular the page on Recent changes.

Commencement of works

Commencement of works received a minor update.

Computer-aided design (CAD)

The section on CAD received a minor update.

Construction claims

A new subsection on Defects claims was added to the Construction claims section.

Construction information

Construction information was reviewed throughout.

Construction insurance

Construction insurance received a general update.


Defects was updated with two recent case summaries.

Disputes arising from procurement

Content on what the debarment process will look like, as proposed by the Procurement Bill, has been added to Disputes arising from procurement.

Expert witness

Expert witness was reviewed throughout and received minor updates.


The FIDIC section received a minor review on anticipated new forms, see New contracts and guidance and anticipated updates.

Health and safety in construction

Some considerations and observations about the Building Safety Act were added to the section on Health and safety in construction. The page on recent news was also updated.

Inclusive design

The pages on Latest in guidance and standards and News were updated in Inclusive design.

Insolvency in construction

Insolvency in construction received a general update.

International procurement

International procurement was reviewed throughout and updated.

JCT Minor Works Contract

Content about letters of intent and BIM were updated in the section on JCT Minor Works Contract.

Liquidated damages

A summary of the 2022 case Energy Works (Hull) Ltd v MW High Tech Projects UK Ltd and others was added to Liquidated damages, see the page Unenforceable liquidated damages and drafting.

Measured surveys

Measured surveys was updated throughout. See in particular the page Carrying out measured surveys.


A new summary on IPMS: All Buildings was added to Measurement. See Standard codes and methods of measurement for more.

Partnering and supply chain management

A new page on Partnering and modern methods of construction was added to the Partnering and supply chain management section.

Procurement strategies

The section on Procurement strategies received a signicant review and was updated throughout by new author Damien Clifford.

Risk management

Risk management received a general update throughout.

Scottish construction contracts

Latest news was updated to reflect the publication of the Project Bank Account Documentation (PBA/Scot 2022).

Site inspections

Site inspections was updated with recent HSE statistics relating to work-related accidents.


Specifications received minor amends.

Tendering and procurement case law

This section has updates to Impact of statute and common law on key contractual provisions.

Valuing change

New author Abe Mozes reviewed the Valuing change section in full and made amends throughout.

RICS initiatives


See iConsult to review the latest RICS consultation drafts.

This page was last updated November 2023.