What's new?

Spring/summer 2022



The page on Jurisdiction was updated in the Adjudication section.

Collateral warranties

A short summary of the 2022 case Abbey Healthcare (Mill Hill) Ltd v Simply Construct (UK) LLP was added to Collateral warranties, see the page Insurance and disputes.

Commencement of works

Commencement of works was reviewed throughout and received a minor update.

Cost management

Cost management received minor updates throughout.


Defects was updated throughout to reflect the impact of the Building Safety Act 2022 on the Defective Premises Act 1972. For more details, see the following pages:

Defects claims

Information about the Building Safety Act 2022 was added to Defects claims.

Disputes arising from procurement

Disputes arising from procurement was updated throughout to reflect the Procurement Bill.

Expert witness

A summary of the case Dana UK AXLE v Freudenberg FST GmbH was added to Expert witness.

FAC-1, TAC-1, PPC2000 and TPC2005

References were made to the government document Constructing the Gold Standard and FAC-1 in use was updated with recent examples.

Health and safety in construction

An extensive new page on the Building Safety Act 2022 has been added to Health and safety in construction.

Inclusive design

Inclusive design has been updated with recent news.

Insolvency in construction

Insolvency in construction was updated throughout.

JCT contracts

JCT contracts received minor updates.

Liquidated damages

New author Navpreet Atwal has reviewed and updated the section on Liquidated damages.


In the Litigation section, the page on Settlement was updated.

Loss and expense

Loss and expense received a minor update referencing the 2022 case Orchard Plaza Management Company Limited v Balfour Beatty Regional Construction Limited.

Non-standard bespoke forms of contract

Non-standard bespoke forms of contract received a minor update.

Party walls disputes

Party wall disputes was updated with new cases in Damages and Awards, as well as further information on Injunctions.

Planning and programming

Planning and programming received minor updates throughout.

Regulated procurement

A new page on Procurement law reform in the UK has been added to the Regulated procurement section.

RICS Forms of Consultant's Appointment

New RICS Forms of Consultant’s Appointment were published in May 2022 across a number of construction and related disciplines. Three versions of template Appointment Forms, 14 Scope of Services and explanatory notes are available in three separate jurisdictional versions: England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Risk management

The page on Quantitative cost risk analysis (QCRA) was updated in Risk management.

Scottish construction contracts

Two new pages were added to Scottish construction contracts:

Site inspections

Recent statistical data from HSE was added to the Site inspections section.

Tender price appraisal

Minor amendments were made to Tender price appraisal.

Tendering and procurement case law

Tendering and procurement case law was reviewed throughout and updated to reflect recent case law.

Consultation drafts

See iConsult to review the latest RICS standards.