What's new?

All sections are reviewed biannually by expert authors. The major section updates are below.


Arbitration received a significant review, see in particular the pages: Choice of dispute resolution processProcess of arbitration and Removal of an arbitrator.

Bills of quantities

A new example for taking off for substructure has been added to the Bills of quantities section.

Capital allowances

Capital allowances received minor updates, in particular see the page Definition of plant.

Construction site fire safety

Construction site fire safety was updated with references to new editions for Fire safety in construction and NFPA 241.


Defects was updated to reflect how the Building Safety Act 2022 impacts the the Defective Premises Act (DPA) 1972. See the subheading Claims under the Defective Premises Act 1972 (as amended by the Building Safety Act 2022).

Defects claims

A summary relating to the Building Safety Act and Remediation Orders and Remediation Contribution Orders was added to Defects claims, see the page Grounds for a claim.

Disputes arising from procurement

The section on Disputes arising from procurement was updated throughout.

Expert witness

The following pages were updated in the Expert witness section:

  • Discussions between experts: updated with a summary on the importance of the joint statement document.
  • Privilege: updated with information on the practice of ‘expert shopping’.

FIDIC was amended to reflect the recently updated versions of the FIDIC Red, Yellow and Silver Books. See in particular the page New contracts and guidance and anticipated updates.

Health and safety in construction

Health and safety in construction was updated to reflect new statistics from the Health and Safety Executive. See in particular the page on Statistics.

Inclusive design

Inclusive design was updated with the Latest in guidance and standards and News from the sector.

Insolvency in construction

Insolvency in construction received a minor update.

Partnering and supply chain management

In the Partnering and supply chain management section, a new page has been added on Partnering and the environment.

Planning and programming

Planning and programming received general updates.

Regulated procurement

See the page Regulated procurement and COVID-19 for an updated summary of PPNs that were published in 2022.

Standard forms of contract and amendments

The section on Standard forms of contract and amendments has been rewritten and updated by author Inga Hall.

Tendering and procurement case law

Tendering and procurement case law was reviewed and updated throughout.

RICS initiatives


See iConsult to review the latest RICS consultation drafts.

This page was last updated February 2023.