What's new?

Autumn/winter 2022–23


New section: Energy

Energy is vital to modern life. We depend on it for our health, safety, national security and for the economy. But the energy industry is facing major challenges, including climate change, increased demand, economic stability, and threats to national security. The engineering and construction industry plays a vital role in meeting these challenges. 

This new isurv section, written by Sam Murray of Costain, covers the following key areas: sources of energy, stakeholders, challenges, innovation and technology, and legislation and politics.


Bills of quantities for infrastructure

This section has received some minor amendments.

Conceptual cost planning for infrastructure

This section is now being looks after by a new author, Bill Dixon of Turner and Townsend. This time around, the section has received some minor amendments throughout. 

Infrastructure claims

A new subsection on the latest updates relating to the Building Safety Act 2022 has been added. It discusses developments such the 'waterfall approach' to remediation costs recovery, as well as the first decision concerning cladding defect issues (Martlet Homes v Mulalley and Co Limited [2022] EWHC1813 TCC). 

Infrastructure contract arrangements

Utilities Contracts Regulations 2016 has been updated regarding the changes brought about by PPN 10/21. A new subsection has also been added on the Infrastructure and Projects Authority and the Government Major Projects Portfolio. A new figure has also been added to IPA and GMPP showing the government’s major project portfolio.

Intellectual property

Exploiting intellectual property rights: How can I exploit my right? and The effects of Brexit have both been updated.

Programme management

This section has been updated throughout. See especially Evolution of programme management, which has had new subsections added on The Construction Playbook and Transforming Infrastructure Performance 2030.

Project and programme controls

Updates have been made throughout the section. See especially the new subsection on Configuration control vs baseline change control, and the new figures showing the controls framework and an example of alignment between WBS, CBS and OBS.

Quantity takeoff from 2D and 3D models

Standards and guidance for measuring quantities has been updated with regards to ICMS.

Resourcing strategies

This section has received some minor changes throughout.

Supply chain performance management

The tightening of efficiency targets has been evident in public-sector and other regulated funding models for a number of years, but this is also now true for capital-investment programmes across all sectors. Infrastucture industry context: response has been thoroughly updated in this regard, and discusses how we can build skills and capability as well as drive collaboration. The author has also made minor amendments to a number of other pages in this section.

Consultation drafts

See iConsult to review the latest RICS standards and guidance drafts.