What's new?

All sections are reviewed biannually by expert authors. The major section updates are below.

Agricultural and rural property

This section has been updated throughout due to post-Brexit changes and new case law.

Business valuation and intangible assets

Information has been added to this section on the new Mandatory Performance Framework and Application of the Mandatory Performance Framework documents.

Caravan parks and holiday property

This new section covers the valuation of caravan parks and holiday properties that are run as commercial properties.

Car parks

This section has been updated throughout with information on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems as well as new worked examples.

Core valuation issues

Author Anthony Banfield has reviewed this section with updated material from Red Book Global Standards and UK national supplement.

Doctors' surgeries 

This section is up to date with the latest GP and NHS figures. 

Educational premises: children's day nurseries

This section now includes further information including reports and updated stats

Educational premises: independent schools

This section has been updated with the latest stats, along with new information on fees and pupil numbers.

Empty property rates

This section has seen updates to the Exemptions and reliefs page.

Forests and woodlands

Author David Lewis has completely reviewed this section and the accompanying checklist.


This section has been updated with recent hotel figures.

Industrial and distribution properties

This section has been updated detailing new valuation methods, including DCF and profits method, along with information on the new use classes and their impact.

Red Book guide

This section has been fully reviewed with updated references to Red Book Global Standards and national supplements.

Valuation approaches

This section now includes more information on the use of discounted cash flow as an approach.

Visitor attractions

This brand new section covers how to value visitor attractions, including zoos, theme parks and aquariums.

RICS initiatives


See iConsult to review the latest RICS consultation drafts.

This page was last updated September 2023.