Red Book guide

RICS Valuation – Global Standards (Red Book Global Standards) is the leading set of practice guidelines available internationally to the valuation community. This section complements Red Book Global Standards by providing additional practical commentary on the interpretation and implementation of some of the most important provisions.

This section is a perfect companion for all valuation professionals. It covers duties under the standards relating to:

A range of frequently asked questions and guidance on common problems with reports will help valuers to avoid pitfalls. The Red Book Global Standards route map provides pointers on key issues to be considered at each major stage of a valuation.

All references are to RICS Valuation – Global Standards effective from 31 January 2022, the latest at the time of updating this guide, and the UK national supplement 2018, effective from 14 January 2019.

Red Book guide is maintained by Anthony Banfield.

Please be aware that comments in this guide and answers to FAQs may not represent the views of RICS or IVSC. Readers are strongly advised to refer to the appropriate part(s) of Red Book Global Standards and other RICS standards, taking further advice where necessary. The author of this guide cannot accept any liability for comments and interpretations in this guide, which represent his personal opinion.