Surveyors advising in respect of compulsory purchase and statutory compensation, UK

This professional statement applies when you provide advice regarding property interests in the UK that relates to the seeking or use of compulsory purchase or other statutory powers by or against your client, or where the seeking or use of such powers is contemplated. It also applies when you are advising a body that is relying on or seeking to rely on another body to seek or use compulsory purchase or other statutory powers to assist with a project.

This document derives from the 2012 guidance note The Calculation of Surveyors’ Fees Relating to the Exercise of Statutory Powers in Connection with Land and Property (1st edition), for Scotland. Both this professional statement and the Appendix supersede the 2014 guidance note The calculation of surveyors’ fees relating to the exercise of statutory powers in connection with land and property (1st edition), for Scotland.