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  • Dilapidations: reviewing the 7th edition - Features

    21 February 2017

    Jon Rowling reviews the changes in the recently published 7th edition of the RICS Dilapidations in England and Wales guidance note

  • Sustainability and real estate: lending risk - Features

    21 February 2017

    Sustainability in real estate is finally being taken seriously, says Jessica Pilz, but lenders need to do more to keep pace with this progress

  • Surveyors acting as advocates - RICS standards and guidance

    20 February 2017

    The current edition of Surveyors acting as advocates (2nd edition professional statement; 3rd edition guidance note) is effective from 1 June 2017. The professional statement sets out the...

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  • New section: Tablet-based surveys
  • Assessing building services
  • High hedges
  • Risk management on conservation projects

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