Surveying safely

Published November 2018
Effective from February 2019
Reissued July 2023

Appropriate management of health and safety is a requirement for all RICS-regulated firms and RICS members, including property-related businesses. The requirement for such management has been put in place in many countries across the globe and across industry sectors and governmental organisations in order to protect individuals from harm.

This professional standard sets out basic, good practice principles for the management of health and safety for RICS-regulated firms and RICS members. It sets out principles for those engaged in the built environment as property professionals and includes health and safety responsibilities:

• at a corporate level (whether the RICS-regulated firm is large or small) and
• at the level of the individual RICS member.

It covers property-related businesses and identifies the moral, ethical and practical issues that confront RICS-regulated firms and RICS members everywhere, in all the work that they undertake.

This document came into effect on 1 February 2019.

This document was reissued in July 2023 as a professional standard. It had previously been published in November 2018 as a guidance note. The regulatory requirements remain the same and no material changes have been made to the document.