Climate change: adaptation and mitigation

Climate change is often referred to as one of the most significant challenges facing the world. Yet although it has become both political and polarising, the consensus view of the evidence remains – the risks posed by human-induced global climate change could prove devastating. The relevance to those working in property and construction is evident, not least because the building and construction sector is responsible for about 30% of total global greenhouse gas emissions.

Built environment professionals need an understanding of the risks and opportunities that developments may be exposed to and when. This includes understanding what is required in terms of mitigating against and adapting to future climatic changes. Associated benefits would include reducing the risks to business continuity and decreasing exposure to extreme weather damage among others. 

This section also examines the issue in terms of relevant legislative and policy drivers, and assesses the implications for existing building stock. A brief, high-level overview of the themes and their implications is given in the summary

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