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Liz Grove
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Associate at Greengage
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Liz Grove has experience delivering sustainability strategies for a wide variety of developments in the UK, including detailed sustainability frameworks, climate change mitigation and adaptation, life-cycle analysis, as well as a wide variety of environmental assessments including BREEAM, WELL and CSH.

She has more than seven years’ experience of providing environmental advice and solutions in both the residential and commercial sectors, communicating effectively with the design team to ensure smooth project delivery. Liz has a proven understanding of sustainability in the built environment, with the ability to view problems holistically and work collectively towards providing solutions.

Company biography

Greengage is an independent specialist environmental and sustainability consultancy based in London and working nationwide. We are a sustainability consultancy that works in partnership with our clients to deliver truly sustainable solutions, through a holistic, innovative and no-nonsense approach. Our discipline is based on a deep understanding of the built, natural, and social environments.

Our advice is based on delivering net gains in environmental, social and economic terms. We work collectively across disciplines within the business (and as part of design and client teams) to ensure that the advice we provide assists our clients in delivering resilient places that benefit both people and nature.

We are different from our competitors in the approach we take to delivering projects. We believe in delivering work that makes a difference to people’s lives. We are sustainably led in that we believe that sustainability and the social impact of the development is what leads the design and the impact assessments, and is what creates healthy, resilient places for both people and nature. We are a team of highly experienced consultants who have worked across a range of sectors and through all stages of planning, development and corporate sustainability.

Within our in-house team, we are able to cover all aspects of sustainability – be they social, environmental or economic. We have specific business streams for biodiversity, climate change (including adaptation and resilience), sustainability, energy and carbon management, social value, environmental assessment and corporate responsibility.