Caravan parks and holiday property

The UK, particularly in recent years, has become a popular holiday destination for many, with environmental factors, COVID-19, staycation trends and the rise in popularity of shorter more numerous breaks throughout the year fuelling this.

The types of holiday accommodation that are available vary considerably, and indeed the rise of AirBnb has also blurred the lines with standard residential property often now being offered for holiday lets, without (currently) the need for a change in planning use class. If a valuer is asked to value ‘holiday property’ it is therefore important at the outset to obtain enough details to understand the type of property and ascertain competence within that market before accepting the instruction.

This section covers holiday property and caravan parks that are run as commercial operations and not those instances of residential properties that may choose to let for short periods of time. Nor does it cover the value of individual units of holiday accommodation such as a caravan or lodge, where it would be unusual for a valuer to become involved. Likewise it does not comment on hotels, which are a separate category in themselves (see Hotels on isurv Valuation), serviced apartments that also form their own market or B&Bs, which often have more in common with residential property.

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