Infrastructure procurement: frameworks and risks

This section explores infrastructure procurement models. It

  • discusses their inherent characteristics and
  • identifies how risk is managed in the procurement process.

The section aims to explain how these models:

  • operate
  • transfer risk and
  • deliver essential infrastructure investment that benefits all of society.

These models are designed to harness the private-sector investment and expertise required to deliver and manage infrastructure development.

This section provides an overview of the relevant procurement frameworks, including PF2 and the new regional infrastructure procurement models, together with a lessons-learned section on the risks and failings of PFI, PF2 and the newly adopted mutual investment model (MIM).

The generic infrastructure procurement models covered include

Issues surrounding private infrastructure investment and key risks are discussed, to explain the role of the private sector in the funding and delivery of infrastructure projects.

Frameworks specific to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are also covered.