Commercial real estate

Mandatory competencies

You must achieve the minimum levels as set out in the mandatory competencies.

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

Core competencies

Level 3

Level 2

Optional competencies

Three to Level 3*.

Plus 1 to Level 3 or 2 to Level 2 from the full list of technical competencies, including any not already chosen from the optional list.

*If Valuation is taken to Level 3, the requirements are as follows:

  • From the optional competency list you must select 2 at Level 3 and 1 at Level 2; plus
  • From the full list of technical competencies you must select 1 to Level 3 or 2 at Level 2.

Although commercial real estate is the focus for the pathway, up to 30% of your experience can come from other property sectors, e.g. Residential.

Full details of Commercial real estate are on the RICS website.