Environmental monitoring and control

Fungal and insect problems in both modern and historic buildings are mainly the result of defects in buildings, lack of maintenance and gross neglect. Rectifying these defects and ensuring proper maintenance can provide long-term sustainable, holistic solutions to these problems. Correct identification of the infestation is vital, as infestations are not all equally destructive. By employing a range of non-destructive inspection techniques, much of the original fabric can be retained. The environmental approach is beneficial to the building fabric, occupants and to the wider environment.

Building pathologists can use a range of non-destructive instrumentation to check their buildings. This saves unnecessary exposure work and the destruction of the historic fabric. Non-destructive inspection techniques enable the condition of materials and contents of the buildings and collections to be ascertained without opening much of the building fabric; they are therefore especially valuable in buildings of historic and architectural interest.

Much damage has been inflicted in the past by dealing with the symptoms of the problems rather than the causes. Through proper investigation and understanding of the causes, those mistakes can be avoided and holistic solutions can be developed.

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