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Dr Jagjit Singh
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Director, Environmental Building Solutions Ltd
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Dr Jagjit Singh BSc MSc PhD CFIBiol FRSPH FRSA has more than 23 years' experience as a mycologist and building pathologist. He is Managing Director of Environmental Building Solutions Ltd (EBS), specialising in building health problems, heritage conservation and environmental issues. Dr Singh has published more than 250 technical papers and communications, and lectured widely on conservation, building pathology, indoor air quality, toxic moulds and building health problems. His current research focuses on interrelationships of building structures and materials with their environment and occupants, and he is a past president of ISBE (International Society for the Built Environment).

Dr Singh is a BBC expert on dampness and timber decay in buildings and appeared twice in the Raising the Roof television series.

Company biography

EBS aims to improve customers' home and work environments by identifying and curing building problems without chemicals. Its approach causes minimal destruction to building fabric and provides cost-effective long term sustainable conservation solutions.

EBS was founded in December 1999 by Dr Jagjit Singh. He was joined by leading timber pathologist Huw Lloyd in January 2000. Between them, they have a total of 46 years' experience in chemical-free building preservation, conservation of historic buildings, indoor air quality, toxic moulds and health implications, allergy problems in buildings, environmental monitoring and sick building syndrome.

The team has now been joined by Steve Bradley, a Chartered Chemist and Occupational Hygienist with more than 38 years' experience in dealing with a wide variety of environmental and occupational exposure issues, in many different situations, and Lee Tufnell specialises in building simulation, air infiltration and ventilation testing, and environmental monitoring.