Standards document types

New RICS document categories

RICS is reviewing its standards portfolio because the Standards and Regulation Board wants to ensure that RICS standards and advice documents are up-to-date and easy to use.

The first step in the review is to simplify our existing structure so that all documents fit into two categories:

Professional standards

These are the documents which set requirements for competent and ethical practice e.g. our existing professional statements and guidance

Practice information

These documents provide advice or practice support to RICS members and firms

We will be reviewing all our existing documents over the next year and placing each document into one of these categories. This review will also identify documents that need to be updated or archived. We will consult members about any substantive changes to documents in line with our usual standards procedures.

As well as developing its own standards, RICS works collaboratively with other bodies at a national and international level to develop documents to aid professional practice such as cross-sector codes, guidance and standards. The application of these collaborative documents by RICS members will be defined either within the document itself or in associated RICS-published documents.

All RICS standards documents include information about whether and how their content might be used in court proceedings or for regulatory purposes and this will continue as our documents are re-categorised.

Find all current and archived standards in our standards portal.