ARCHIVE: Boundaries: Procedures for boundary identification, demarcation and dispute resolution, 4th edition

Published February 2021
Effective from 1 May 2021
Reissued October 2022

Disputes about boundaries, and related neighbour disputes, are never far from the news and have been increasing steadily during the COVID-19 period in England and Wales. Boundary disputes can be costly, traumatic and time-consuming for all concerned; they can end up in expensive legal cases, leave a lingering mistrust and ill-feeling between neighbours, result in delayed development and additional costs, and cause confusion between professionals. They never fail to light up the letter pages of the tabloids, and the constituency postbags of MPs.

It is critical that RICS members, and other professionals working within this sector, are up to date with the latest best practice advice and guidance. This new 4th edition encompasses all that was best from the seminal 3rd edition, with a new emphasis on mediation, and has been reformatted and edited to include several new and expanded sections.

This document was reissued in October 2022 as a professional standard. It had previously been published in February 2021 as a guidance note. The regulatory requirements remain the same and no material changes have been made to the document.

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