ARCHIVE: VIP 13 Sustainability and commercial property valuation (August 2009 - October 2013)

This global guidance note provides a practical framework for delivering on sustainability and ESG investigation, and reporting requirements in professional valuation advice.

Practical and globally relevant principles for the delivery of the sustainability and ESG requirements in the Red Book Global Standards.
• Good practice advice supporting everyday commercial valuation practice and its interface with ESG and sustainability.
• Alignment of ESG and sustainability considerations with the core mechanics of valuation (purpose, basis, approach).
• A glossary of globally relevant sustainability and ESG terms and an appendix referencing world-leading rating, benchmarking and performance frameworks and tools.

The updated guidance is part of a suite of professional standards for sustainable practices across the built and natural environment. For example, ICMS 3, for the comparison of cost and carbon in construction. And the Responsible Business Framework, which enables clients to build and communicate a responsible business strategy mitigating negative environmental and social impact.

It is an update to the guidance issued in 2013 and is intended for valuing commercial property. It is effective from 31 January 2022. It will be reviewed and updated periodically – reflecting pending developments in International Valuation Standards and the wider investment and regulatory framework globally.

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