Insights into compulsory purchase

Published December 2021
Reissued October 2022

This paper on compulsory purchase asks fundamental questions about the practice in the 21st century. The practice plays and will continue to play an important role in our economy as we develop our infrastructure, regenerate our communities, and ensure provision of housing and essential public services and utilities. All of this must be carried out in the context of significant changes to the economy, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and of the challenges posed by climate change and the move to a net-zero carbon economy.

RICS recognises the vital importance of ensuring best practice in the use of compulsory purchase, and this paper is designed to stimulate further discussion and wider debate in the sector. Some of the suggestions would require fundamental changes in legislation, whereas other areas could create substantial change by updating and strengthening best practice in the day-to-day work of surveyors and other practitioners in the sector. We look forward to continuing the discussion and working with stakeholders in this important area for the future economic growth and well-being of the country.

This document was reissued in October 2022 as practice information. It had previously been published in December 2021 as an insight paper. No material changes have been made to the document.