Procurement of facility management

Published October 2020
Effective from January 2021

This code of practice provides guidance on the various factors that need to be considered throughout a procurement process, including activities and key decisions during planning, procurement and post-procurement. It aims to:

help the professional choose an appropriate procurement route and
consider the various factors in delivering an effective procurement process that results in a successful contract with benefits for both the client organisation and the supplier.
The document is aimed at public and private sector property professionals involved in a facility management (FM) procurement process either within their territory or region, or globally. This includes property managers, directors of estates, heads of FM, consultants, RICS-regulated firms acting for a landlord and FM suppliers procuring services from subcontractors. Those managing in-house teams delivering FM services may also find some of the content helpful.

The code is divided into four parts, covering:

Key principles – a list of key principles in the procurement of FM
Planning – guidance on the various planning activities that should be undertaken and decisions that should be made before going to the market for facility services
Procurement – guidance on the activities and key decisions that should be undertaken during a procurement process
Post-procurement – guidance on activities that should be undertaken post-procurement.

It supersedes the 2018 Procurement of facility management UK professional statement, which has been archived for reference. For professionals working in the UK, there are no additional requirements to the information and guidance previously stated within the UK professional statement.