RICS property measurement

RICS property measurement comprises the following two elements:

1. Professional statement: property measurement
a) Application of this professional statement
b) Technical definitions
c) IPMS: Office Buildings, as applied under the professional statement
d) IPMS: Residential Buildings as applied under the professional statement (applies to office measurements and residential measurements only – download these below).

2. RICS IPMS data standard
This document reflects the IPMS standards (IPMS: Office Buildings and IPMS: Residential) and will be updated over time to comply with other IPMS standards, including industrial, retail and mixed use, as they are published.

For all building classes except offices and residential buildings, the bases of measurement contained within the Code of measuring practice, 6th edition (COMP) may still apply though the application of this professional statement applies to all building classes. The COMP was effective globally from 18 May 2015, though early adoption of IPMS is recommended on publication of the new standards.

Software developers and those requiring the use of structured data are advised to follow the schemas as defined, and those wishing to pursue RICS software certification must demonstrate compliance with this data standard. This data standard is an XML schema and is available to download.

A user guide to the standard, intended for implementers, is available for download. For more information please email datastandards@rics.org.

RICS property measurement 2nd edition: Basis of conclusions
The public consultation on RICS property measurement, 2nd edition was open between 1 May and 31 July 2017.

Over 42 responses on single or multiple points were received from individuals, firms and other organisations containing some very constructive observations and suggestions. This document focuses not only on the more significant changes made, but also on several minor textual refinements put forward by commentators, which improve the overall clarity.