Use of GNSS in land surveying and mapping

Published: May 2023
Effective from: 18 June 2023

This standard forms part of a series of specifications and guidelines intended to assist those connected with the requesting, purchasing and production of surveys and mapping material at all scales, by spreading good practice and seeking to avoid duplication of effort.

This document has been written primarily to provide:
- the surveyor with a set of practical operational guidelines, which can be used when undertaking any survey that includes GNSS techniques; sufficient information is also included to allow the surveyor to generate a set of GNSS survey procedures applicable to a survey task required by the client, and

- the client, or purchaser of spatial information generated from a GNSS survey, with sufficient information to write a task-specific specification for a GNSS survey, which sets out the accuracy requirements, products and a scope of work from which the surveyor can accurately produce a bid for the survey.