Guidelines for the use of GNSS in land surveying and mapping

This guidance note has been produced to provide surveyors and their clients with guidelines for the use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) in land surveying.

The first edition of these guidelines referred to (Global Positioning Systems) GPS, which at the time was the only constellation in operation and available to surveyors. This edition uses the term GNSS throughout, to reflect the fact that there is now more than one satellite navigation system constellation available and that there are GNSS receivers on the market that can use data from multiple constellations.

This document was written primarily to:

- provide the surveyor with a set of practical operational guidelines, which can be used when undertaking any survey that includes GNSS techniques. Sufficient information is also included to allow the surveyor to generate a set of GNSS survey procedures applicable to a survey task required by the client

- to provide the client, or purchaser of spatial information generated from a GNSS survey, with sufficient information to write a task specific specification for a GNSS survey which sets out the accuracy requirements, products and a scope of work, from which the surveyor can accurately produce a bid for the survey.