Comparable evidence in property valuation (ARCHIVED)

This document has been archived and is available on isurv for information purposes only.

Covering most types of real estate asset, this information paper discusses the use of comparable evidence in property valuation and aims to outline the principles of comparable evidence use, encourage consistency in its application worldwide, address issues of availability and the use of comparable evidence under challenging market conditions and consider the potential sources of comparable evidence.

This information paper also discusses the use of comparable evidence in different circumstances and markets, whether volatile or inactive, as well as in developing markets, where comparable evidence is often more difficult to obtain and less familiar to valuers.

Although applicable to land and buildings used for commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural and associated purposes, this publication does not cover the use of comparable evidence in the valuation of plant and equipment. Business assets or personal property are also outside the scope of this information paper, however, many of the principles described may be relevant to these types of asset.