Building surveys and technical due diligence of commercial property (ARCHIVED)

This guidance note has been prepared to provide surveyors and clients with a source of information and guidance in respect of commercial and industrial property surveys. Such surveys may also include large residential apartment buildings.

This guidance is written to apply to England and Wales, although much of its content is equally applicable elsewhere. It is operative from October 2010 from which time the RICS publication Building surveys and inspections of commercial and industrial property, 3rd edition, ceases to be RICS guidance.

General guidance of this nature cannot cover all circumstances and each property should be assessed on an individual basis having regard to the specific needs of the client. The guidance offered is considered adaptable for all types of commercial and industrial property. It is accepted that surveyors may well have good reasons for not following all aspects of this guidance note. It is for the surveyor to decide upon such issues depending on the individual circumstances, e.g. nature of construction or site conditions.