Asbestos and its implications for surveyors and their clients

3rd edition, guidance note

Failure to understand or communicate the risks arising from exposure to asbestos can have potentially life-threatening consequences. As such, asbestos-related matters are of major significance to surveyors and their clients. In addition, for those who are likely to encounter, or supervise others who might encounter, asbestos in their work activities, training in 'asbestos awareness' is a mandatory legal requirement.

The 3rd edition of this guidance note is intended to give its readers a balanced and pragmatic appreciation of the general issues surrounding asbestos, with particular regard to its use in buildings and structures.

Designed primarily as a starting point in the subject, this guidance note addresses the latest legislation and includes details of how this affects the role and responsibilities of surveyors in the many and varied services that they provide. The status of asbestos as anathema in the insurance industry is also considered.

The guidance has a strongly practical focus, including fully revised and expanded appendices, in order to help readers understand the dangers to health and business, comply with and advise clients on the regulations, protect their PI insurance and carry out the preparation and implementation of an effective asbestos management plan. It also explains the process of appointing asbestos surveyors to conduct asbestos surveys, asbestos contractors to carry out asbestos removal or management works and consultants to monitor such works.