The capital and rental valuation of public houses, bars, restaurants and nightclubs in England and Wales

Formerly VIP 2, The Capital and Rental Valuation of Restaurants, Bars, Public Houses and Nightclubs in England, Wales and Scotland, the former edition is provided on isurv for information purposes only.

Public houses, bars, restaurants and nightclubs are among those types of property generally referred to as trade related property. They are normally bought and sold having regard to their trading potential.

Guidance on the valuation of individual trade related properties in the Red Book (see covers a wide range of trade related properties. It considers the criteria to be adopted by valuers when assessing market value or market rent for an individual trade related property.

This guidance note provides more detailed guidance to valuers with regard to the valuation of a specific group of trade related property, that being pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs (licensed properties) that are occupied and trading. Written specifically with regard to the law and practice in England and Wales, it looks at valuation methodology and provides a practical approach to the assembly and interpretation of relevant information.