Valuation of medical centres and surgery premises

Published September 2010
Effective from 1 October 2010

RICS is aware that the market, practice and regulatory landscape surrounding medical premises is likely to have changed since the publication of this guidance in 2010. We are currently in the process of reviewing it (please email if you would like to get involved with this). Valuers are reminded that they need to be aware of the latest market, regulatory and legal position prior to undertaking work related to this area and should always undertake valuation work in accordance with the overarching RICS Valuation - Global Standards and Rules of Conduct.

Valuation of medical centres and surgery premises, 2nd edition, is concerned with the valuation of surgery premises, including all medical centres and surgeries occupied by doctors and other similar practitioners for medical or health services.

This guidance note was written with regard to the position in England. The valuation approach is essentially the same in Wales, and Scotland, but where there are differences they are noted.

Note that this guidance note was formerly known as VIP 04 The Valuation of Surgery Premises Used for Medical or Health Services in the UK.