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John Wevill
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Partner, Boodle Hatfield
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John Wevill specialises in non-contentious and contentious construction law. He has over 15 years' experience advising developers, lenders, professional consultants, contractors, subcontractors and insurers on a broad range of commercial projects and disputes. John is the author of Law in Practice: The RIBA Legal Handbook, and a visiting lecturer at Nottingham University, Oxford Brookes and the University of Westminster.

John received his LLB from Exeter University and his MSc in Construction Law and Arbitration from King's College London.

Company biography

Boodle Hatfield LLP is a highly successful law firm which has been in business since 1722. The firm acts for wealthy individuals, families, property owners and businesses in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Boodle Hatfield enjoys a reputation for delivering the highest quality of professional advice. The firm has built long-standing relationships with many of its clients who include some of the most well-established owner managed businesses, property companies and families in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.