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  • Dispute resolution: preparing to enter mediation - Features

    28 August 2015

    Liz Repper considers how best to prepare to enter mediation, and how this differs from preparing for court. Mediation is a voluntary process and so, unlike court, parties...

  • Mitigation of GNSS multipath by the use of dual-polarisation observations (RICS) - Research

    21 August 2015

    Published July 2014 Research into how Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) will allow surveyors to produce more accurate and reliable measurements in less time and dual-polarisation measurements can improve...

  • Collaborative BIM (RICS) - Research

    21 August 2015

    Published Feburary 2015 Collaboration in the construction industry can help to align the incentives of clients and suppliers. But even with the best will in the world communication and...