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Philip Santo
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Director, Philip Santo & Co
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Philip Santo is a Fellow of RICS with over 45 years’ experience as a residential surveyor and valuer. He has acted as a consultant for RICS and undertaken a range of project work in the Residential Professional Group, including contributions to several standards and guidance documents.

Philip is an acknowledged expert on the diminution in value of residential properties affected by Japanese knotweed and has appeared as an expert in court, representing claimants and defendants. In 2012, Philip led the cross-industry working group that produced the original RICS information paper Japanese Knotweed and Residential Property and he was technical author of the RICS standard Japanese Knotweed and Residential Property published in 2022.

Philip has written for a number of professional publications and is author of two practice guides published by Routledge, Inspections and Reports on Dwellings: Inspecting and  Inspections and Reports on Dwellings: Assessing Age. Images from his extensive portfolio of property and survey-related photographs have featured in RICS journals and professional publications.

Company biography

Philip’s practice, Philip Santo Consultancy, provides a range of CPD training and presentations.