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Malcolm Reeve
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Director, Land Research Associates Ltd
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Malcolm Reeve has been involved in soil and land consultancy and research for many years, the last 23 years as Director of Land Research Associates Ltd.  He has managed a range of projects for government departments and agencies such as Defra, the Environment Agency and the Forestry Commission, oversees numerous soil and land quality surveys, environmental assessments and soil management plans for construction projects, and acts as an expert witness for litigation and at planning inquiries.

He is the co-author of the Defra and Dti commissioned Code of Practice for the sustainable use of soils on construction sites.

Company biography

LRA undertakes soil and land quality surveys, and assesses the environmental impact of land use change to built development, mineral extraction, habitat creation and waste recycling. Soil management plans are produced for construction projects, and resource assessments carried out to plan the restoration of quarried land, landfills and degraded sites.