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Mike Parrett
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Michael Parrett Associates
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Michael Parrett is a world renowned expert in Building Pathology and holds a Cambridge Master’s degree, reading Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment. He is a former trustee of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, and a published author with both Donhead (Routledge) and RICS Books, who also distribute his award-winning Building Pathology DVD training film resource.

He is an Eminent Fellow of RICS, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building, Fellow of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers, Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and a Chartered Scientist.

The producer of industry standard training films, lectures and learned articles for a variety of audiences on investigating dampness in buildings including flooding, condensation and mould, Michael Parrett first came to widespread public notice through the BBC2 series Raising The Roof. The series was hailed as a piece of landmark journalism, exposing the widespread misdiagnosis of rising damp and concerns over the effectiveness of chemical damp proof course injection. The film content centred on Mike’s empirical research and award winning work gathered over three decades of working on investigating and material testing in buildings.

Company biography

Michael is the founder and principle director of Michael Parrett Associates (part of MPA Engineering & Construction services Ltd), a building pathology consultancy practice that works on the independent investigation of dampness, mould and flooding in buildings involving complex major loss claims. We are regularly appointed as the single joint expert in legal claims over Disrepair and Statutory nuisance between landlord and tenant.

MPA offers expert consultancy advice on the cause and source of building failure relating to water intrusion and dampness together with remedial advice on how to restore a building and manage or cure the problem.