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Richard Wadley
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Senior Building Surveyor, Atkins Ltd
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Tablet-based surveys and a member of the Editorial Board in isurv Building surveying


Richard Wadley BSc Hons MRICS is a chartered building surveyor with over 17 years of construction industry experience. He has an extensive knowledge of the education sector, contributing to the guidance note Surveying assets in the built environment for both schools and higher education buildings. He is a RICS assessor and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) champion promoting the building industry careers in schools. Richard is an editorial board member for the isurv Building surveying channel.

Richard is a Senior Building Surveyor and Project Manager for Atkins Ltd based out of their Colchester office, focused on delivering new build school projects across Cambridgeshire.

Company biography

With around 18,000 employees Atkins is one of the world’s largest employers of professionally-qualified staff, with operations focused in a number of key geographical markets including UK and the rest of Europe, Middle East and India, North America and Asia Pacific.

Atkins has worked with a number of commercial and residential developers on projects and opportunities in the past. In their experience, their comprehensive understanding of the commercial and residential market influences, combined with a commitment to delivering the best value technical solutions, have allowed them to work effectively with developers to deliver successful projects.