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Tony Harvey-Soanes
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Managing Director, Vantage Building Control Ltd
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Tony Harvey-Soanes is the Managing Director of Vantage Building Control Ltd. A corporate approved inspector, in the south-east of England, Tony has been in the building control profession since 2004 for both local authority and approved inspectors.

He is an RICS Mentor and a building control surveyor with extensive experience of the application of Building Regulations within the building procurement and design process.

He has obtained experience on a wide variety of projects in terms of size and complexity for both commercial and domestic clients, and endeavours to offer practical solutions to Building Regulation issues when they arise.

Company biography

Vantage Building Control Ltd was formed by company directors Tony Harvey-Soanes and Russell Beaumont, following successful approval by the Construction Industry Council Approved Inspector Register (CICAIR). This approval enables Vantage Building Control Ltd to carry out the building control function for a range of diverse clients and projects.

For both Tony and Russell, their professional careers started in local authority building control. Since then, the pair have dealt with a diverse spectrum of both project types and clients within the private sector. During this time, they have successfully project managed over 5,000 Building Regulation applications.

Following their 30 years combined industry experience, Vantage Building Control has been designed to offer a highly professional, value adding, non-bureaucratic service. Vantage Building Control is passionate about ensuring customer satisfaction and a brand that can be trusted.