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Matthew Cocklin
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Partner, Devonshires Solicitors
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Matthew Cocklin is a Partner in the Construction & Engineering Group at Devonshires Solicitors LLP where he specialises in construction dispute resolution.  He advises clients on the merits of construction disputes and represents clients in adjudication, arbitration, expert determination and litigation proceedings together with mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. He has experience of acting as advocate at meetings before adjudicators and regularly instructs RICS members as expert witnesses.

Company biography

Devonshires Solicitors offers a diverse range of legal services to its varied clients. Its main areas of interest are in: Care, Commercial contracts and procurement, Corporates, Construction and Engineering, Housing and Real Estate, Local government and Property services. As a specialist regulatory law firm, the company provides cutting-edge advice on regulation, compliance, internal audit and disciplinary matters.