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Ian Butter
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Principal, Rural and Urban Planning Consultancy
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Ian Butter BSc (Hons) FRICS MRTPI is the Principal of the Rural and Urban Planning Consultancy. Active nationally in all matters relating to rural and heritage regeneration, he is also recognised for his national expertise in leisure and tourism development.

Ian has been instructed by a diverse range of individuals and organisations, both national and international. He has also written and lectured on a range of planning and development topics and was the co-author of a widely circulated publication for the Countryside Commission which is now highlighted in the Government's 'Good Practice Guide on Planning for Tourism' (2006).

Ian is the developer and publisher of - a website providing online town planning aid, advice and information to the general public.

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The Rural and Urban Planning Consultancy is an independent professional planning advice and consultancy, operating throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, delivering director level expertise at competitive rates to help you through the planning maze.