PPC 2000 and TPC 2005

The PPC2000 and TPC2005 contracts create the only multi-party 2-stage forms of project contract and long-term contract. They provide an integrated design, costing, risk management, supply and construction process for the project team under a single, multi-party contract. One contract is signed at an early stage to create conditional appointments for the main contractor, consultants and specialist subcontractors who all agree to work together towards an agreed timeline.

All parties are encouraged to work together, including the client, creating a team who are involved in every aspect of the task. Key specialists can also join the team when they are appointed.

Typical users of these contracts include central and local government, housing associations and private sector owners/developers.

Both PPC2000 and TPC2005 are recommended by the government for use when implementing the ‘2-stage open book’ and ‘supply chain collaboration’ procurement and delivery models that, through a series of trial projects, have demonstrated substantial savings and improved value. PPC2000 is shown to be particularly suitable for use with level 2 and level 3 BIM and with integrated project insurance.

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