Stakeholder engagement outside the supply chain

The importance of effective stakeholder management inside and outside of the supply chain is recognised across the industry. It is underpinned by the so-called ‘soft skills’ and behaviours that sound deceptively simple yet are so often executed poorly. This section follows RICS project management guidance in making the benefits of effective external stakeholder engagement clear, while outlining the risks of poor execution and the potential repercussions for projects.

The section discusses the importance of identifying the objectives of the stakeholder management programme before examining how stakeholders outside the supply chain can be categorised and engaged with. The main emphasis is then on the key principles of effective stakeholder messaging, and the methods – both ‘traditional’ and electronic – by which the right kind of engagement may be achieved. A 30-step summary checklist for effective stakeholder management is then provided.

This section focuses on stakeholder management outside the supply chain, although it should be read closely with Stakeholder management inside the supply chain given the strong crossover between these areas. 

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