isurv Infrastructure: what does the new channel offer?

Intelligent infrastructure

4 May 2017

The new isurv Infrastructure channel can offer support whether you are a construction client, consultant, contractor or APC candidate, says Isabelle Cheng

With an estimated £300bn or more to be invested by 2021, the infrastructure and construction sectors present a wealth of exciting opportunities. Successful organisations can benefit from higher revenues, better expertise, access to lucrative international markets and reputational enhancement. So it is vital for businesses to ensure their staff are well trained and experienced in good surveying and commercial management practice.

RICS is therefore pleased to announce the launch the isurv Infrastructure channel, which has been set up to meet the needs of our members and other users in the infrastructure sector for best-practice commentary.

Introducing isurv

isurv is an online resource designed to help businesses and professionals in the land, real-estate and built environment sectors. With 10 channels covering all the core surveying disciplines, it provides expert technical advice written by leading subject specialists.

Material is updated on a regular basis, and isurv also offers a rich assortment of supporting resources such as RICS standards, templates, case law and features. With more than 30 new sections at launch, the channel provides technical, best-practice commentary on all major stages of infrastructure projects.

Access all areas

isurv Infrastructure is designed for new and experienced professionals, from surveyors and commercial managers through consultants and contractors to government bodies, higher education institutions, law firms and investors.

The channel takes into account the numerous, complex supply chain interfaces, the interpretation of design and recognition of differing cost factors such as the varying work methodologies required in civil engineering projects. Organisations can thus benefit from an authoritative resource tailored specifically to infrastructure project needs.

Business benefits

With the public sector being a major source for infrastructure funding, there is an increasing need to comply with standards. Businesses can use isurv Infrastructure to train their staff at all stages of their career in best practice.

Offering contributions from a wide range of organisations, the new channel can help practitioners improve their understanding of the supply chain. Some of our authors and advisors work for major clients; private organisations can thus find out more about clients’ needs and put themselves in a good place to win work. From the client side, sections covering contracts and procurement will be helpful in setting and defining consumer requirements.

Supporting quality

isurv aims to help candidates pass their APC while simultaneously supporting supervisors and counsellors. By listing such chartered surveyors who are part of the bid team, the quality of your tender bid and the impact it will have on clients will be enhanced.

The new channel also aims to develop APC candidates’ technical knowledge and understanding of infrastructure projects. The practical, project-led nature of isurv Infrastructure can also help with day-to-day tasks, from managing stakeholders and working alongside engineering colleagues to administrating a contract, cost reporting, managing a programme of works or procurement.

Skills and CPD

Covering different stages of the infrastructure life cycle, the channel is ideal for the agile, well-informed professional seeking to upskill or branch out, or simply seeking to do their current role well. As a plus, using isurv can also count towards RICS members’ CPD.

Isabelle Cheng is Global Research Project Manager at RICS

Further information

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  • This feature is taken from the RICS Construction journal (April/May 2017)