RICS Home Surveys

The current RICS Home Surveys (RHS) suite of products launched in January 2011. This section acts as a surveyor's guide and specifically covers the RICS Condition Report (CR), the RICS HomeBuyer Report - Survey [HBS(S)] and RICS HomeBuyer Report - Survey & Valuation [HBR(S&V)] and the RICS Building Survey (BS).

It is designed to help residential practitioners tackle the issues they encounter every day and is the result of continuing feedback and contributions made by hundreds of surveyors.

This section clearly identifies the differences between the products, helps you produce protocols and methodologies that will support your decision making, illustrates these techniques using realistic case studies, and offers a decision-making framework that will help you produce balanced and consistent decisions appropriate for each report.

Please note at the time of ‘going to press’ (September 2016) the CR and BS services were still technically governed by RICS Practice Notes dating back to 2010 and 2012 respectively. New professional statements will be published as soon as possible. Reference throughout this guidance is made to the pages of the older documents, whose references will be updated at the next review of this advice.

This section is maintained by Larry Russen of BlueBox partners.

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