Property finance and funding

Commercial property investment takes many forms, ranging from the traditional, direct owner occupation and trading of tenanted land and buildings, to modern capital markets where property revenues or returns are traded with products such as securities or derivatives. The latter has broadened the scope and reach of property as an investment asset class. As a result, property is gradually becoming more complex and international in nature. The availability of investment products and finance propositions from banks and other providers offer the capital required for investment and fund strategies.

This section provides an overview of the property market including details about what indirect investment, property investment management and asset management comprise.

The aim is to help property finance and investment practitioners build an understanding of how and why property is financed along with an overview of the investment market and associated products. The different types of financing covered include commercial mortgages, development finance, portfolio finance, bridging finance and mezzanine finance.

Issues surrounding property finance and funding will also be discussed in this section to provide an understanding of the conditions surrounding the provision and use of debt and equity in corporate and private forms.

The roles of advisers and service providers that are involved with property finance including banks, brokers, insurance companies, lawyers and accountants are covered.

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