Group element 5: Services

Group element 5 comprises the following elements:

5.1 Sanitary installations
5.2 Services equipment
5.3 Disposal installations
5.4 Water installations
5.5 Heat source
5.6 Space heating and air conditioning
5.7 Ventilation
5.8 Electrical installations
5.9 Fuel installations
5.10 Lift and conveyor installations
5.11 Fire and lightning protection
5.12 Communication, security and control systems
5.13 Specialist installations
5.14 Builder’s work in connection with services

Note: Where testing and commissioning is required to be measured under elements 5.1 to 5.13, the terms shall include the following works:

1 Testing includes:
(1) Testing equipment and consumables
(2) Calibration
(3) Site installation tests
(4) Static testing, including testing records
(5) Performance testing, including performance test records
(6) Fuels required for testing

2 Commissioning, includes:
(1) Commissioning, including preliminary checks, setting systems and installations to work and regulation thereof, and commissioning records
(2) Temporary operation of equipment to employer’s requirements
(3) Fuels required for commissioning

3 Setting all mechanical and electrical services and installations to work after completion of commissioning (initial operation)

Effective from 1 January 2013