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Fiona Haggett
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Head of Valuation, Barclays UK
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Fiona Haggett spend many years as an in-house residential valuer for the Halifax Building Society in the early part of her career. Before the last crash, she moved into head office roles in Lloyds Banking Group, taking on responsibilities for risk management, complaint investigation, health and safety, audit, lending policy and technical advice. She also spent some time in the bank’s fraud team, investigating valuation concerns and advising on effective monitoring and fraud controls around valuation.

In recent years, she was the UK Valuation Director at RICS, overseeing industry initiatives and the development of standards and guidance across all valuation disciplines. This role also involved her in industry groups, many of which she still attends.

In her current role as Head of Valuation at Barclays UK, she is responsible for setting lending policy, advising the bank, overseeing the technical activities of the bank’s valuation partners and dealing with all valuation-related concerns. She is chair of the Valuer/ Lender Liaison group, which is looking to drive change and standards within the industry. She is also a director of BlueBox partners.