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Tim Winsland
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Director, Avon Energy Surveyors Ltd
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Tim Winsland MRICS DipDEA DipNDEA is a chartered surveyor, a qualified domestic and commercial energy surveyor and an NVQ A1 assessor. He holds a diploma for Preparing to Teach Lifelong Learning and certificates as a chartered eco assessor and a minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) adviser. Tim is currently managing director of Avon Energy Surveyors Ltd, operating in the South West.

In 2006, he joined Property Professionals Ltd (previously Home Inspector Training) in Bristol, with responsibility for training candidates for the ABBE qualification in home inspection and domestic and commercial energy assessment. From 2009, he has presented domestic and commercial energy assessment and Green Deal training on behalf of training companies on a sub-contract basis and carried out subsequent portfolio assessment work. He has also produced a training course and sat on the conventions panel for the non-domestic Green Deal.

Company biography

Avon Energy Surveyors Ltd provides a complete range of energy surveys and certificates for domestic and commercial property, for both new-build and existing properties. The company also provides consultancy and advice on low to zero carbon technology for property owners.