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Carl Calvert
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Principal, Calvert Consulting
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Carl Calvert MSc MA PgDLaw FRICS CITP MBCS FRIN is a chartered land surveyor. He has over 50 years experience in both public practice (Ordnance Survey, 35 years) and private practice (Calvert Consulting, 18 years) in the UK and abroad. He is an honorary lecturer at UCL and one-time chief examiner for the RICS land and hydrographic final examinations. He has been an associate lecturer in law at Bournemouth University and an external examiner at the Royal School of Military Survey (RSMS) and the University of East London (UEL). He served as a troop commander in 135 Geo Sqn Royal Engineers and a geodetic adviser and technical consultant for the Ordnance Survey. He is the RICS appointee on the Land Registry Rules Committee and a member of both the RICS Party Walls and Boundary Working Group and the RICS Expert Witness Working Group. He has produced the RICS online learning module on boundaries.

Company biography

Carl is the sole principal of Calvert Consulting, which was established in 2001. Calvert Consulting is an unincorporated firm that is registered with RICS and thereby subject to RICS regulations for a firm.

The services offered are primarily those relating to boundaries, rights of way, easements and mapping, covering copyright in common law countries.