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Jonathan Fletcher
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Senior Technical Specialist, Plowman Craven Ltd
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Jonathan Fletcher is the Senior Technical Specialist at Plowman Craven Ltd. Responsible for the technical development of company innovation, products and equipment to enhance the business’s current products and BIM services and to expand into new services.

Specialising in laser scanning to BIM, Jonathan has worked on exciting projects as varied as the Shard, HS2, Palace of Westminster, water supply in Nepal and the film Alien: Covenant.

He is the expert technical point of contact for clients and colleagues, the principal technical trainer and the RICS Counsellor at Plowman Craven Ltd.

Previously, Jonathan worked as Survey Manager for Gifford. He graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Civil Engineering Surveying.

Company biography

Plowman Craven is a leading chartered geomatics company offering a broad range of professional measurement services. They work closely with their clients so they can fully understand and respond to their individual needs, achieving objectives with an expected high standard of quality and service.

Their extensive services cover numerous markets including rail, urban regeneration, retail, commercial property, government, public bodies, police and entertainment. Innovation and a thoroughly professional approach enable them to offer measurement expertise at every stage of the project lifecycle.

As one of the largest geomatics companies in the UK, they are able to respond quickly to client needs, calling upon highly skilled and technical personnel to provide measurement solutions, no matter the size of the project or how challenging.