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Adrian Wilson
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Principal and Managing Director of A R Wilson & Co
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Adrian R Wilson has more than 30 years’ experience as a chartered surveyor and chartered building engineer, and as principal and managing director of a private practice in West Yorkshire. Adrian qualified MRICS in 1986 and achieved Fellowship in 1991. He also attained Fellowship of both the Chartered Association of Building Engineers in 1994 and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in 2000 and has been a practising member of the Academy of Experts since 1999. He now focuses on residential building surveying, PWA 1996, planning and development and ADR, in particular, mediation. Adrian qualified in respect of the latter in 2014 and has been a CMC registered mediator and on the National Mediator Database since 2015. He is also an Associate at both Community Accord and Yorkshire Mediation and sits on the Board of the Association of Northern Mediators.

His mediation specialist areas are:
Property and land, valuations and surveys, Landlord and tenant, Agency, Planning and development, Professional negligence, Workplace and Special Educational Needs.

Adrian has been a consulting senior academic at Sheffield Hallam University since 2003. He has developed and delivered modules on the RICS-accredited Real estate degree programme where his current interests are in ADR and Professional practice. Adrian is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and regularly acts as a research supervisor to students on the P/G programme.

Company biography

A R Wilson & co is an independent private practice, which was formed in 1985, and delivers high quality professional building and general practice surveying services to clients in West Yorkshire mainly now in the fields of Residential building surveying, PWA 1996, Planning and development, Landlord and tenant, and ADR, in particular, Mediation and Independent expert. The firm is regulated by RICS.